Da Nang is known for its wide beautiful beaches; endless white sand; impressive architecture of bridges; then the majestic scenery of the islands, the mountains; then seafood. What about the people here? Let’s take a look at 3 typical beauties in Da Nang’s human culture!

Da Nang People with Impressive Voices

The voice will be the first thing that leaves an impression on visitors when coming to Da Nang. Like the voices of the people living in the Central Coastal Plain, the distinctive voice of the Da Nang people is noticeable by the gentleness and tenderness in the tone of the voice. Of course, the most impressive thing is still… it’s hard to understand what they’re saying in the first contact and conversation. They use a lot of local words: chi, tissue, tooth, ro, ni, etc. These words can be confusing in meaning, but they seem to be very effective in creating tone for sentences, making speech flexible. move more.

In addition, the speaking attitude is also soft, goodwill makes listeners sometimes do not understand the content but still feel comfortable and happy… If you pay attention a little, you will see, the tone and words that people use. Local people use it when talking to each other differently than when talking to tourists or people from other areas. When Da Nang people talk to each other, the speaking speed seems to be faster and the language is more “bold” in Da Nang nature, to be brief and concise. When talking to people from other areas, they will limit the use of confusing local words, try to speak more slowly and use more body gestures. Just this small detail is enough to show the goodwill in the character of the people here.

Danang People

Like the general impression of people in the Central region, Da Nang people are associated with a simple and simple image. They are simple from the way they dress, talk, and behave with others. The honesty and frankness that the people here show is associated with friendliness and gentleness, not making the other person feel unapproachable or lacking in sophistication. Typically in the way to communicate with others as mentioned above. Or the enthusiastic help of local aunts and uncles with a strange, lost girl who is fumbling to find her way. Or the stories of the old people they tell tourists while waiting for the car, waiting for the train. Or the way they argue with each other is sometimes amusing because their innate “sweet” voices don’t match the argument at all.

Da Nang people are said to have a somewhat conservative personality, with more straightforwardness, something to say makes them tend to like … debate. It is the small details in daily behavior that make them bring their own charm in the hearts of tourists after each trip to Da Nang.

The Rhythm of Da Nang People

Da Nang plays the role of an economic – social center, a tourist – cultural center of the central region as well as the whole country. This responsibility makes everyone imagine a noisy, dynamic and exciting Da Nang. However, just staying in Da Nang for one day, you will feel the peaceful rhythm of life that is completely different from the image you imagine. No hustle, no bustle, Da Nang people are enthusiastic in their own way. Enthusiastic but not forgetting to enjoy life, enthusiastic but not rushing. They create for themselves a lifestyle of their own, a slow, gentle, comfortable lifestyle that is far from the luxury and splendor that the scenery here brings. Even arguing has its own strange features. They hardly fight, if there is disagreement and argument between them, it will not be as noisy or chaotic as the nature of an argument. If you don’t understand the content but only look at the posture, gestures, just hear the voice, it is difficult to know that they are arguing. As mentioned above, the sweet voice of the Da Nang people is not suitable for arguing at all…

It is the features in the human culture of Da Nang that leave an indelible mark in the hearts of tourists, not only the famous landscapes here. If you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation with your family, but still want to admire the magnificent scenes, a tour of Da Nang is nothing more interesting. Let’s create beautiful memories with the people here with your friends and relatives!


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