Son Tra chessboard is a famous area in Da Nang, considered one of the special cultural heritages of the city. According to folk legend, the story of the legend of Ban Co Son Tra is told as follows:

During the Northern domination period, Da Nang was still a wild land with mountains and forests. On the top of Son Tra, there is a temple to worship Son Tra god, where locals often come to offer incense and pray. One day, the temple suddenly appeared a chess board, symbolizing the intelligence and wisdom of the god Son Tra.

Cùng lên Đỉnh Bàn Cờ Đà Nẵng để "tìm gặp" Đế Thích -

Locals rushed to the temple to see and discovered that this chessboard had special pieces, meticulously crafted, with high spiritual value. On a cool, windy moonlit night, people discovered that the chessboard suddenly moved and went to battle, while the pieces on the chessboard moved strangely.

Cùng lên Đỉnh Bàn Cờ Đà Nẵng để "tìm gặp" Đế Thích -

Since then, chess games on Son Tra Board have become an interesting activity, attracting many locals and tourists to participate. The Son Tra chessboard has become a symbol of the intelligence, talent and insight of the people of Da Nang and is considered one of the wonders of this city.

Đỉnh Bàn Cờ - Bán Đảo Sơn Trà ở Quận Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng |

However, to this day, no one knows exactly who placed this chess board at Son Tra temple. However, the legend of Son Tra Ban Co is still maintained and passed down from generation to generation, contributing to honoring the cultural values ​​of Da Nang.


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