The Hoi An travel experience of the predecessors is the “treasure” that helps us more conveniently in the journey to explore the old town, craft village, cuisine ,… at Hoi Street. Let’s pocket certain must-know information before setting foot in your heritage land.

Hopefully, the following self-sufficient Hoi An travel experiences will help you not feel surprised and have the best preparation for the upcoming Hoi An travel itinerary. From there, you will have a complete trip with many memorable memories.

1. What is the most beautiful season to travel to Hoi An?

According to the Hoi An travel experience of many travel enthusiasts, Hoi An is beautiful every season. However, the most ideal time to visit the old town is from February – May 2. Specifically, Hoi An weather at each time of the year is as follows:

Dry season (May 2 – May 8):

2 months to the end of 4 months: this is the most ideal time for Hoi An trip. Because the early spring weather is cool, the sun is also mild and there is little rain.

May 5 to 8Hoi An weather in the summer months is always sunny and beautiful and there is no rain. However, some days with quite intense sunshine make you a little uncomfortable.

Rainy season (September to the end of January 9): this time usually has prolonged rains. You need to follow the weather forecast and consider carefully when planning to come to Hoi An.

2. Move to Hoi An

  • Plane: is the fastest way to get to Hoi An. From Ho Chi Minh City In HCMC, Hanoi, you can buy tickets to Da Nang and continue your journey to Hoi An by bus or taxi. Travel time only takes about 1 hour to fly and ticket prices range from 400,000 – 1,600,000 VND / way.
detailed self-sufficient Hoi An travel experience

The plane is a quick means to Hoi An (Photo source: Collectible)

Besides aircraft, the means to Hoi An are quite diverse. You can choose the following ways of traveling:

  • Train: self-sufficient Hoi An travel itinerary by train departing from Ho Chi Minh City HCM/Hanoi and stop at Da Nang or Tra Kieu station (Quang Nam). Travel time takes about 15 – 20 hours with ticket prices from 230,000 – 2,224,000 VND / time, depending on the itinerary and seat type.
  • Bus: you can get to Hoi An by buses running the Ho Chi Minh City route. HCM – Hoi An, Hanoi – Hoi An with ticket prices from 320,000 – 480,000 VND/time.
  • Personal vehicles (cars, motorbikes): cars, motorbikes are an interesting choice if you are a genuine backpacker or live in the neighboring provinces of Hoi An such as Da Nang, Quang Ngai,…


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