When referring to Da Nang, one cannot help but mention the romantic Han River and the Han River Bridge – The first swing bridge of Vietnam, which is the pride of the people of Da Nang. The bridge symbolizes new vitality, is the aspiration of Da Nang city, built with the contribution of all the people here.

Not only giving Da Nang city a beautiful urban beauty and immense pride because of unique features not found anywhere else that make people admire, but Han River Bridge Danang is also an important bridge in transportation; travel; awaken, arouse the economic potential of the city and be a cultural mark of Da Nang people.

Han River Ferris Bridge of Da Nang

1. Han River Bridge Information Danang

In 1998, the Han River Ferris Bridge began construction and was officially inaugurated and put into operation in 2000. The bridge was designed and built by Vietnamese engineers, especially built with the contribution of all the people of Da Nang, so the bridge has a lot of meaning to this place.

2. Features of Han River Bridge Danang

The bridge is 487.7m long and about 12.9m wide; consists of 11 spans, each span is 33m long, connecting two main roads of Da Nang city, Le Duan Street on the West Bank and Pham Van Dong Street on the East Bank.

Being able to rotate 90 degrees is the most prominent feature of the Han River turnpike. The middle section of the bridge can split in half and rotate 90 degrees around the axis located along the course of the river to open up a new route for large ships to pass through.

3. What time does the Han River Bridge turn?

The rotation time of the Han River Bridge has also been changed a number of times since its inauguration until now. Most recently, on 14/10/2016, the filming schedule of the Han River Bridge has changed on weekends to serve tourism. From Monday to Friday, the bridge will rotate according to the previous schedule i.e. open at 2 am and close the bridge before 6 am, however if there are large ships the bridge will close at 1 am on the same day. Particularly on Saturday and Sunday, the bridge will rotate from 2 hours to 4 hours on the same day.

In the evening when walking on the bank of the Han River, visitors will admire this famous bridge shimmering, fanciful under the light of electric lights. The shadow of the bridge falls on the gleaming river surface. This indescribable scene makes visitors not only admire and remember but also have to save photos as memories.


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