Hon Chao Danang is a place that very few people know in this beautiful city, even more special when it is an extremely unique upside-down pan-shaped oasis.

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Hon Chao Pearl Island is located between the waters of Da Nang and Hue in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien province – an important area for security and defense of the central sea. 500m from Cua Kham cape, the island is formed from the seaward extension of Hai Van Mountains, crossing into the sea and dividing the Annamite Mountain Strip into 2 parts Annamite and Annamital. From a distance, the island resembles an upside-down pan, so people call this the Pan.


Hon Chao is about 12km from the city center. Photo: Vnexpress

Hon Chao is about 12km from the city center. Photo: Vnexpress

To reach Hon Chao, you can go in 2 ways. The first way, you can charter a cruise ship at the port of River Ha. Hon Chao Island is about 12km from the city center, so you should start early. The speedboat will pass through Da Nang Bay and if you travel this way, you can see the city and Tien Sa port from the sea.

Hòn đảo còn giữ nguyên vẻ đẹp hoang sơ. Ảnh : Vnexpress
The island still retains its unspoiled beauty. Photo: Vnexpress

Besides, you can go to Hon Chao Danang by canoe takes about 10 to 15 minutes. At Xuan Thieu beach, you can rent a canoe to move there. If you are in Hue, you can quickly move by boat or canoe to go to Hon Chao.

Du khách có thể tắm biển và chơi thuyền sup ở nơi tàu dừng nghỉ. Ảnh : Vnexpress
Guests can swim in the sea and play sup boats where the boat stops. Photo: Vnexpress

Hon Chao is not only a famous tourist destination of Da Nang, but it is also in the top of the most beautiful islands of Vietnam with the wild and majestic beauty of mountains, forests and sea. Hon Chao Da Nang is only about 1.6km² wide, the peak is 200m high but diverse in terrain. These are extremely unique overlapping rocks, black rock rapids jutting out into the sea, beautiful beaches, small gentle hills. This island is also known with familiar names such asSon Tra, Han Island, Son Cha island. From a distance, the island is shaped like a pan upside down on the sea, so people often call it Hon Chao.

Những con chim hải âu trên Hòn Chảo. Ảnh : Vnexpress
Albatrosses on Hon Chao. Photo: Vnexpress

In Hon Chao, in addition to the wild scenery of mountains, forests and seas, visitors can also admire the rich flora and fauna ecosystem. This place is home to conical snails, maidens, virgin snails, fish, starters, abalone … In addition, on rough sea days, visitors exploring Hon Chao also witness interesting scenes, flocks of hawks from the above rock hollows fly out to fill the sea. This green island is also the only place in the sea where rare chamois is preserved. The waters around the island are also favorable for fish and shrimp to grow and also serve as a place for ships to anchor safely.

Đừng bỏ lỡ trải nghiệm lặn biển để ngắm nhìn đại dương xinh đẹp. Ảnh: danang.dulichvietnam
Don’t miss the scuba diving experience to see the beautiful ocean. Photo: danang.dulichvietnam

If you are tired of the noisy city life, come to Hon Chao Danang to breathe and enjoy the fresh air on beautiful days. You can also enjoy fun activities and enjoy fresh seafood here. The scenes of scallop trees blooming yellow in a corner of the sea combined with the blue sea color, and the sails of fishing boats all create a harmonious picture of nature that is both romantic and majestic.

Những rặng san hô nhiều màu sắc.Ảnh : Vnexpress
Colorful coral reefs.Photo : Vnexpress

On nice weather days, visitors can relax at Hon Chao and experience interesting activities here. Playing a sup boat and swimming in the clear blue water is also a memorable experience. There are also scuba diving, coral viewing, fishing and water sports games.

Under the clear blue water, visitors can dive to see the reefs in Hon Chao with all colors at a depth of 2-7m or seaweed and fish. With a diverse ecosystem, Hon Chao is home to more than 140 species of coral, 135 species of seaweed and about 160 species of fish. Because the terrain is not too deep, visitors when watching corals in Hon Chao can easily explore the beauty on the ocean floor.

Có thể thấy rõ những đàn cá đang bơi lội. Ảnh : Vnexpress
Schools of fish swimming are clearly visible. Photo: Vnexpress

Hon Chao Danang is a paradise of snails, so if you have come here, do not miss the opportunity to try the specialties of this land such as breast snails, oysters, abalone, crabs, prickly bridge. Or, enjoying the fish caught by yourself during the tour is also an interesting experience.

Thưởng thức hải sản tươi ngon. Ảnh: halotravel
Enjoy fresh seafood. Photo: halotravel

Traveling to Hon Chao Island with many new things waiting for you to discover, let’s experience a memorable trip on this pristine island. This place is sure to give you unprecedented memories and moments of absolute relaxation with friends and family.

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