As a unique bridge in Vietnam, Dragon Bridge has become a symbol of Da Nang city that no tourist can miss. However, few people understand the history of Dragon Bridge Danang. So, today’s article will help you learn about the history of this bridge and a few unexpected facts that you did not know.

History of Danang Dragon Bridge

As the name suggests, Dragon Bridge with the shape of a dragon with a length of 666m and width of 37.5m spans the Han River. With a cost of nearly VND 1.5 billion, the bridge has six lanes and was first opened to traffic on March 29, 2013 on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang. If you do not know, the design of Dragon Bridge is associated with the progress in the history of the new architectural art of Da Nang city.

It was the result of a design competition between well-known architects to find the most distinctive design for the bridge. Two architects from America with the design of the flying dragon won.

Highlights of Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is the most unique architectural bridge in Vietnam, the shortest road connecting Da Nang International Airport with the main trunk roads in the city. Not only acting as the arterial road of the city, Dragon Bridge, with its architecture simulating the dragon of the Ly period stretching out to the sea, is one of the iconic architecture of Da Nang city.


The dragon’s tail is stylized in the shape of a blooming lotus flower, a traditional flower associated with peaceful villages in Vietnam. The winding dragon body reaching out to the sea shows the desire to integrate with friends of five continents of Da Nang. In terms of durability, the bridge is coated with 5 layers of anti-corrosion paint and protects the bridge from the influence of weather as well as brings an eye-catching yellow color.

Events at Dragon Bridge

Night is the most beautiful time to see the Dragon Bridge. Mounted with 15 000 LED lights, the bridge becomes a real dragon with shimmering color effects. Moreover, Dragon Bridge also attracts tourists by many events and nightlife performances.

Dragon Bridge breathes fire, sprays water

For Da Nang tourists, along with learning the history of Danang Dragon Bridge, admiring the fire-breathing Dragon Bridge is one of the most exciting moments. Luckily, you can see this amazing performance every weekend at no cost. Every 9pm on Saturday and Sunday, Dragon Bridge will treat residents and tourists to wonderful performances of water and fire.

The first performance was a flamethrower with 2 turns of 9 each. You will be surprised with the shimmering light combined with the fire spewing from the dragon’s head. A lot of visitors love the second performance, the water spray is quite short consisting of 3 turns only 1 time each. The ideal place to enjoy the performance

On the bridge: When the bridge starts to spew fire, vehicles will not be allowed to travel on the bridge. So you can enjoy the performance right on the bridge. However, you should not stand near the dragon’s head if you do not want to get wet in the water spray screen.

Under the bridge (Tran Hung Dao Street): Tran Hung Dao Street crosses the Dragon Bridge just below the dragon’s head. Therefore, this place is an ideal place to enjoy the performance. Moreover, visitors can enjoy drinks of the sidewalk water stalls along the street.

From Bach Dang Street: Bach Dang Street is located at the end of the bridge. From here, you can admire the performance with a glimpse while taking in the beauty of the Han River. However, you should choose cafes with balconies and go to the second floor to get a better view.

From above: A more interesting way to admire the fountain and fire displays is from the upper floors of the buildings near the bridge. You can enjoy the performance and the whole night Danang sparkles.

From other bridges: Da Nang is the city of many famous bridges such as Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Since these bridges are parallel to the Dragon Bridge, you can admire the water and fire spray displays from both bridges.

Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF)

Danang is not only a destination of beautiful beaches, ancient pagodas and delicious food but also hosts famous international events such as the Danang International Fireworks Festival. Once a year, fireworks teams from all over the world gather in this coastal city to participate in the fireworks competition biggest of the year. Fireworks displays will take place on the Han River, so Dragon Bridge is a great place to watch fireworks for free.

But if you want to see the performance and music in its entirety, you should arrive early before the performance starts as there will be a lot of people gathered on the bridge.

How to get to Dragon Bridge

From Hoi An

You can take a bus to Dragon Bridge during the day. This is an economical and comfortable means of transportation because the fare is only 20,000 VND per person including personal luggage. Moreover, there will be a bus every 20 minutes from Hoi An to Da Nang.If you want to take a motorbike to Dragon Bridge, go straight to An Bang Highway and then turn left at the roundabout when you see Thanh Hien seafood restaurant.
Go straight to Vo Van Kiet Street and you will see the bridge.

From Da Nang

If your hotel is near My Khe beach, take Vo Nguyen Giap street and turn left to Vo Van Kiet street. Go straight to the bridge. You can also go to Dragon Bridge by taking Tran Phu Street and turning left.


Learning about the history of Dragon Bridge, the bridge with the most unique architecture in Vietnam, is an exciting experience for Da Nang tourists. Hope you will spend time enjoying the beauty of this unique bridge during your trip to Danang.


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