Coming to Son Tra in any season of the year, you will also admire many beautiful and romantic scenes.

At the time of the changing seasons, the red foliage has not fallen off, the green forest patches create a gentle and quiet space as if to keep visitors stopping to contemplate, to relax in the soul.

The weather in Son Tra from 3 to 8 months is the most beautiful, sunny, dry, cool breeze, fresh air, Hoang Sa road around the peninsula is one of the winding roads that many young people stop, sightsee and check-in.

Standing anywhere on Son Tra, we also have an extremely sweeping view of the city, especially at sunset, the scene is covered with the yellow of sunshine, the color of time, exuding a modern, dynamic but very peaceful look.

Along the roads, we also often meet monkeys wandering here and there feeding, big round eyes bewildered by visitors, or sometimes luckier to see rare brown-legged langurs playing in the green trees.

Coming to Son Tra peninsula at any time, we should visit Linh Ung Pagoda – Bai But Pagoda, one of 03 pagodas of the same name in Da Nang, which is famous near and far. Where we can quietly watch the statue of Quan The Yin Buddha, considered the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam, with its back to the mountain, facing the sea as if wishing to bring peace to the city.

In addition to the mentioned places such as the top of the Chess Board, the millennial banyan tree, Rada station 29 – Eye of the God of Indochina, helipad, Tien Sa Port … Son Tra also has many natural tourist destinations such as Cape Nghe, Bac Beach, South Beach, Buddha Beach, Obama Rock Beach (Da Beach) … With cliffs, cool beaches, and extremely stimulating when standing from the high ledge looking down at the blue sea, the waves murmuring.

Whether traveling alone or with a companion, you must come to Son Tra once!


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