Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam, with ancient architecture, small streets, retail stores and typical eateries. Here are some beautiful scenes in Hoi An ancient town that you should explore:

Song Hoai Bridge:

Hoai River Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Hoi An, Vietnam. The bridge was built in the seventeenth century and is known by many as “moon bridge” because of its romantic beauty at night when the moonlight shines down on Hoai River.

Hoai River Bridge is about 18 meters long and 3 meters wide, built of ebony wood and concrete. The bridge is divided into 3 compartments, in the middle is the floating bridge and the two sides are the land bridge.
With unique architecture, Hoai River Bridge is one of the attractive attractions of Hoi An, attracting thousands of tourists to visit and take pictures every year. In particular, on the full moon day, Hoai River Bridge becomes a unique festival place, attracting many tourists to attend.

Chua Cau Bridge:

As a unique architectural work combining Chinese and Japanese architecture, Chua Cau Bridge is a symbol of Hoi An ancient town. This is also one of the most popular destinations of tourists when visiting Hoi An.

Chua Cau Bridge is a unique architectural work combining Chinese and Japanese architecture, located in Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam province, Vietnam. Chua Cau Bridge is also known as “Lai Vien Kieu” and was built in the middle of the seventeenth century.
Chua Cau Bridge is shaped like a bridge with a length of about 18 meters and a width of about 3 meters. On the bridge there are small buildings and a shrine. The architecture of the pagoda is built of wood, with very sophisticated and unique decorative motifs.
The Chua Cau Bridge is the symbol of Hoi An ancient town and is the most popular destination for tourists when visiting the city. This place attracts visitors not only because of the beauty of its architecture, but also because of its historical and spiritual value.

Chua Cau Bridge is also a place chosen by many tourists to take commemorative photos.

Ancient houses:

Hoi An has many old houses built in the traditional architecture of Vietnam. These ancient houses are very well preserved and maintained, allowing you the opportunity to visit and learn about local history and culture.

Hoi An ancient houses are houses with traditional architecture of Vietnamese and Chinese people, built from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. These houses were preserved and restored to form the ancient city of Hoi An, one of the UNESCO world cultural heritages.
Hoi An ancient house has features such as: wooden construction, tile roof, front yard, architecture suitable for the local hot and humid climate. In addition, these houses often have sophisticated decorative motifs, showing the unique architectural styles of Vietnamese and Chinese people.
Coming to Hoi An, visitors can visit and admire these ancient houses, but they also need to comply with regulations to protect cultural heritage and the environment. In addition, many old houses are also used for business such as cafes, shops selling handicrafts, creating a space that is both cultural and historical and commercial.

Temples and Pagodas:

Hoi An has many ancient temples and pagodas built according to the traditional architecture of Vietnam and China. A special feature of these temples is the exquisitely carved Buddha statues, creating a sacred and peaceful space.

Hoi An is one of the best preserved ancient cities in Vietnam, home to many ancient temples and pagodas of historical and cultural value. Here are some ancient temples in Hoi An:
Ba Thien Hau Temple is a Chinese temple, built in the 17th century and considered by many to be one of the most beautiful temples in Hoi An.

Dinh Cau: is a communal house to worship gods built in the 17th century, also known as Dinh Ong. Dinh Cau is considered one of the most unique and beautiful architectural works in Hoi An.
Quan Cong Pagoda: is a temple built in the 17th century, worshiping Quan Cong – the god of justice and strength. Quan Cong Pagoda is considered one of the most beautiful architectural temples in Hoi An.
Phuoc Kien Pagoda: is a temple built in the 17th century, worshiping Buddhas and other gods. Phuoc Kien Pagoda has a unique architecture, with many sophisticated decorative motifs.
In addition, there are many other temples such as Covered Bridge, Ong Pagoda, Dai Tong Lam Temple, Seven Thousand Communal House… which are well preserved and restored to serve the purpose of sightseeing and religion of tourists.

Ancient market:

Located in the center of the old town, the old market is the place where you can find handmade items, clothes, shoes, bags, ceramics, cultural products, food and many special products. Another feature of Hoi An.

Hoi An Ancient Market is one of the most attractive destinations in Hoi An, where visitors can find unique products of this land. Hoi An Ancient Market has a long history, built in the 15th century and became an important trading center of Southeast Asia in the 17th century.
Today, Hoi An ancient market still retains its traditional features and is a place to sell handicraft products, clothes, shoes, household items, feng shui appliances and food products such as Hoi An specialties. . A special feature of Hoi An ancient market is that products are sold on old houses, creating a unique space and attracting tourists.
Visitors to Hoi An should not miss visiting the ancient market and experiencing the atmosphere of this place. However, when shopping at the antique market, visitors need to pay attention to the price and negotiate to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods.

Hoai Marina:

This is a small boat dock located along Hoai River, creating a peaceful and poetic space. You can rent a boat

Hoai River Marina is one of the famous attractions in Hoi An. Located right in the city center, Hoai river boat station is the starting point for cruises on Hoai River, helping visitors explore Hoi An ancient city from a different perspective.
When sailing on Hoai River, visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hoi An ancient city, with ancient houses, ancient bridges and riverside streets. Especially, in the evening, Hoai River becomes more and more romantic with sparkling fireflies and shimmering lights on boats.
Hoai River Marina is the gathering place for many boat services such as river cruises, river fishing, boat meals… Ticket prices to visit the marina and accompanying services may vary depending on the destination. travel season and each supplier. However, this is an interesting experience and should not be missed when coming to Hoi An.