Da Nang – a young city on the East coast not only has beautiful natural landscapes, bustling crowded life but also leaves a deep imprint in the hearts of tourists with unique and unmistakable cultural features.

Do you know anything about Da Nang’s culture? If you are learning about this coastal city to prepare for your upcoming trip, let’s find out 7 especially interesting things in Danang culture with DaNaPho.VN in the article below!

7 things that are especially interesting in Danang culture that you should not miss

1. Cultural works impressed

As a concession of French colonialism for a period of more than half a century, restrained with a stupid policy, Da Nang does not have cultural developments including museums, theaters, newspapers ,… rich diversity like other lands.

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In Da Nang today, you can only feel the most unique cultural imprint in the Cham Sculpture Museum built by the French in 1930. In addition, some other Danang cultural works such as Railway Station, Air Station, Port ,…

Although there are not many, visiting and exploring these works is also a way for you to learn about Danang culture through many historical periods.

2. Gentle, honest people

Da Nang people mostly come from the working class, all year round, so they are always simple, sincere, spontaneous and honest. Arriving in Da Nang, every tourist must be impressed with the warmth of the people here from words, eyes, smiles to actions.

If you go out on the street and get lost, just stop by and ask a Da Nang resident and you will receive instructions to “go to your destination” immediately. Along with that is a friendly smile and does not forget to instruct a few other small issues. Da Nang people are genuinely gentle, everyone who comes will feel warm, everyone who leaves will feel nostalgic.

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Another special thing about Da Nang’s people is their arguability. This is a feature that cannot be ignored when interacting with Da Nang – Quang Nam people. Their arguing nature shows a bit of conservatism, inherent sometimes makes others feel uncomfortable but clearly shows the honest personality of Da Nang people. They are not skillful, delicate to please others like Southern or Northerners, In return, he is often conservative, gruff in his words, but his humanity is the same, warm.

The cultural lifestyle of Da Nang people is a proud thing, should be explored by anyone when arriving in this beautiful coastal city.

3. The pace of life in Da Nang is peaceful and familiar

As the economic center of the Central – Central Highlands region, but Da Nang is not too noisy but peaceful, strangely gentle.

Da Nang has no traffic jams honking horns all over the crossroads every morning or afternoon, no jostling, shoving and screaming shopping lines,… Instead, Da Nang is slow, peaceful as its name implies – “the city worth living”.

Traveling to Da Nang, you can feel the full rhythm of life here when you relax on the stretch of green coast, stroll by the romantic Han River or find a roadside coffee corner watching the flow of people,… The pace of life in Danang is very peaceful! For a few days, no one wanted to go back to the rush.

4. Typical Buddhist culture

Da Nang is the most typical Buddhist culture gathering city in the central coastal region. There are many large and famous temples built. In addition to the scale and sacredness, the pagodas in Da Nang also come with many mysterious stories revolving around, making this land always an ideal pilgrimage destination for Buddhists.

Some typical temples for Buddhist culture in Da Nang that you should visit are Linh Ung Pagoda – Bai But Pagoda, Tam Thai Pagoda (Marble Mountains), Linh Ung Pagoda – Non Nuoc, Quan The Yin Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda – Ba Na Pagoda,…

5. Long-standing Protestant culture

The Evangelical Citadel of Danang is the oldest Protestant Citadel in Vietnam with more than 100 years old. This Holy See was built first among the Protestant Holy Seees in Vietnam. Therefore, besides Buddhism, Da Nang is also an ideal pilgrimage destination for Protestants.

6. Specific language

Da Nang people use “dense” language that is difficult to hear and also very difficult to understand. This is considered a big obstacle that makes many tourists unable to access to learn all the especially interesting points in the culture of the people of this land.

First of all, Da Nang people have a voice that is neither gentle and deep as the South nor as pure and elegant as the Northerners. Instead, it is a dry, hoarse voice that makes it difficult for people from far away to hear it for the first time.

In addition, the way of speaking of Da Nang people also uses many dialect words such as chi, tissue, teeth, turtle, qi, gum ,… If you do not find out first, it will be very surprising and embarrassing.

However, for those who love the land of Da Nang, these languages will become familiar and lovely. Learning and speaking the language of Da Nang is also your way to show respect and love to the people of this coastal city.

7. Soulful food culture of Quang

Danang cuisine is deeply influenced by the neighboring land of Quang Nam. Some dishes that you can enjoy on your journey to discover Da Nang’s culinary culture such as Mi Quang, Cao Lau, Bun Mam, Bun Cha Fish Market Con or Seafood, Grilled Spring Rolls, Fish Salad, Pork Rice Paper Rolls, Pancakes ,…

In particular, Mi Quang is a typical dish, present on every street corner of Da Nang. Noodle Quang here has very little broth, just enough to make the noodles rich, not as much and pale as Mi Quang in Saigon with a pho-like flavor.

Danang culture is a typical slice for you to feel and fully explore the beauty of this coastal city. Do not miss 7 especially interesting things in Danang culture that SaiGon Star Travel has shared above if you are planning to travel to this city!


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